Community consultation on the Response Actions (CORA) for COVID-19 June 2020

The conduct of Community consultation on the Response Action (CORA) for COVID-19 last June 2020 was crucial in validating how responding agencies from the government and other organizations are able to maximize preferred platforms of the at-risk communities in the provision of life-saving and other forms of aid, getting feedback on the support received by the people in need and addressing those feedback or concerns through trusted channels and inclusive mechanisms in the affected areas.

CORA is one form of community engagement that is embedded in the holistic approach of the Humanitarian Country Team’s Humanitarian Response Plan (HCT’s HRP) on COVID-19. The conduct of CORA was necessary to ensure that the humanitarian response is more accountable, inclusive, and enabling. The collective initiative supports enhancing community participation and improving the overall quality of humanitarian intervention programming. The process includes utilizing communication mechanisms, accountability frameworks and community participation channels to advance the people-driven response, safeguard the humanitarian principles and turn post-pandemic adversity into opportunities that will help better understand gender-age-disability sensitive vulnerabilities; enhance local resilience or adaptive capacity under the new normal; encourage meaningful participation and emphasize equity of affected communities.

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