Gender, Disaster Management and the Private Sector

This Connecting Business initiative (CBi) document presents the importance of gender in private sector and disaster management, as well as the interconnections between these themes. Developed in two months as a starting point to a new thematic area for CBi, the publication includes the following: 

  • an introduction to the theme, starting with what gender is and why it matters in private sector disaster management; 
  • the results of a literature review, a survey and interviews with key partners and actors related to gender in disaster management; 
  • a special chapter on COVID-19, gender and the private sector, explaining the major impact the pandemic has had as it relates to gender, as well as the window of opportunity; 
  • three case studies of how the private sector has addressed gender and disaster management so far, focusing on 1) women-led micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises in a double disaster; 2) displacement in fragile contexts; and 3) data and technology; 
  • a mapping of close to 200 resources, that can be further used as specific resources to guide the work of each actor. 

The document is a shared effort based on the knowledge of a large variety of experts and actors and it invites you to participate in the discussions and exchange of ideas on how to bring the theme further! 


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